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About Us

We currently consist of over 65
dedicated volunteers, 3 Ambulances, 1 all-terrain vehicle
and a paramedic fly car all work out
of our headquarters on
Main Street.
Rocky Hill Volunteer Ambulance Association has been a leader in Connecticut's Emergency Medical Services community since our inception in 1972. Extending from the vision of nine dedicated town residents, the RHVAA
is proud to continue our mission of providing the residents of Rocky Hill
with high quality, advanced emergency medical care. We are a non- profit association and are funded primarily from billing and donations.

 The town provides the association with a $10,000 budget to purchase various equipment.

 They also providing a pension plan and life insurance for members.

Our Services:

Training and Education

Training meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.  The training meetings are beneficial for keeping our members up to date with the latest protocols and procedures.  RHVAA also holds several other courses including CPR, First Aid, EMT, and EMT refresher throughout the year and many are open to the community.
More information on upcoming courses canbe found on the news page.

Special Events

RHVAA is available for events in Rocky Hill and thesurrounding area.  A bike team is also available for events.  An ambulance is dispatched to the standby with a full crew and is dedicated to that site.  The crew will oversee the medical safety of all spectators/participants while other ambulance cover the emergency calls for the town.

Community Safety and Well-being

Our number 1 priority is of the well-being of our neighbors.  We take pride in educating our community on how to properly handle and be prepared for an emergency.   We have file-of-life cards that can help in an emergency situation.  The file-of-life cards contain all of your important medical information.   To learn more and order a FREE card click the link above.

9-1-1 Emergency

RHVAA is dedicated to serving our community.We respond to all emergency calls beginning from 18:00 until 6:00 Monday-Friday and 24 hours on the weekends/holidays.  Atena covers the town during the day so rest assured that you are always protected.

Bike Team

The RHVAA Bike team is available for special events that take place in town and the surrounding community.  The members of the bike team have gone through extensive training and a certification process to provide the best care available.


The town of Rocky Hill has many areas of difficult terrain, most specifically the motocross track, and the new 3 miles of trails on Dividend Rd. RHVAA has adopted the use of a utility task vehicle to respond to these areas so that we can gain access and provide medical assistance quickly.

Our History:

1971 June: First meeting held to explore feasibility of establishing town based ambulance service

1972 May: Rocky Hill Volunteer Ambulance Association (RHVAA) incorporates with the State of Connecticut.

1973 Summer: RHVAA purchases 1970 Cadillac ambulance for $7,500.

1973 September: RHVAA begins operation as an ambulance service. Our fifteen volunteers responded to 185 emergency and non-emergency requests for medical assistance.

1975: Martin Stillman becomes Rocky Hill's first Emergency Medical Services Instructor (EMS-I)

1981: RHVAA moves into the Fire-Ambulance Complex on Main Street, our current headquarters.

1983: RHVAA advances level of care to 'intermediate' level- one of the first volunteer agencies in Connecticut to provide residents with this level of emergency medical care.

1990: RHVAA becomes first volunteer ambulance service to provide emergency medical care at the paramedic level.

2005: Establish a Bike Team

2014: Purchased a 6-wheeled Utility Terrain Vehicle for search and rescue of off road and wooded areas in town.

Present: Volunteers of the RHVAA annually provide residents of Rocky Hill with over 19,000 hours of service.